Are you collecting All of your royalties?

CMRCI is dedicated to providing FREE resources to empower all Canadian musicians to receive the royalties they are entitled to.

Who is the CMRCI?

CMRCI is a group of independent Canadian musicians, who are dedicated to demystifying the complexities of the royalty collection eco-system for Independent Canadian musicians.

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Our research has shown us that the majority of independant musicians working in Canada today are not aware of all the royalties that they could be collecting.

If you are not registered for all of your  royalty sources then you maybe leaving a significant amount of money uncollected. Our mission is to develop accessible training resources to rectify this situation.

If you are an independent Canadian musician then there is a very good chance that:

Incomplete Understanding

You have an incomplete understanding of the music royalty ecosystem.

Not Collected

Even though you have registered for some, you don't actively incorporate the process in your creation process so therefor don't collect all of your royalties.

Not Registered

You have not registered to collect all of the royalties to which you are entitled.


You find the task of registering your music for royalty collection overwhelming.

Less than 25% of independent Canadian musicians are registered for all of the royalties they are entitled to collect

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What's the Catch?

This initiative is 100% free. In 2021 this project received a generous Digital Literacy grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. All of the training resources on this website will be accessible at no cost to anyone who wishes to use them.

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What's Next for CMRCI?

Over the coming year, CMRCI will be developing and releasing materials designed to educate Canadian musicians how to understand the music royalty ecosystem, and properly register for all of the royalties they are entitled to collect.

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